Logistics has come to mean the movement of commercial goods in a timely and efficient manner. However, the word derives from a military skill in which the proper deployment of troops, resources and important associated assets were perfected on and off the battlefield. After all, any successful campaign is dependent upon having what is needed, when it is required.

At MacGregor Logistics, we prefer to use this older definition of logistics, as it acknowledges the timely and efficient deployment of the myriad of people, items, resources, data and information that one requires in the twenty-first century. Going far beyond parcels or foodstuffs, MacGregor Logistics will help to co-ordinate all of your material needs, ensuring that, like the successful military campaigns in days of old, what you need is there- when you need it.

We will help co-ordinate and supply private car services, delivery of all manner of items, provision of services such as cleaning, event management, concierge requirements, tour guiding and transport.

In addition, logistics includes the procurement of the best goods at the best price. Let MacGregor Logistics shoppers provide you with the highest quality goods at the best prices, in the quickest order. Price Optimization services can be a single time re-orienting of your shopping and bill management needs, or an on-going service provided to individuals, businesses or families. Contact us today for more information on how we can help optimize your use of funds, and improve your quality of life.

High-tech computer digital technology, global surveillance

Finally, logistics includes knowing all of what you need to know, when you need to know it. We provide full intelligence services, including but not limited to home and personal surveillance with state-of-the-art equipment for hidden or other use. We also provide complete data logging, mining and forensic data recovery services on devices and environments, as well as field research. After all, the best weapon is knowledge, so let MacGregor Logistics provide you will the best weapons for your campaign of life.

If it can be managed or organized, we want to hear about it! Contact us today at 250-803-3824 for more information or to answer your queries. You can also use our handy contact form at the bottom of your screen.