Base Rate for Private Companies and Individuals

MacGregor Logistics offers services to a variety of corporations and individuals. Unless a contract for services is developed, we bill by the hour. This hourly rate includes

  • IT consultation/tutorial/hardware or software assistance
  • business plan or worker/resume development
  • social media marketing strategy or promotion
  • repair and upgrade services for hardware*

Our base rate for hourly services is $120/hr  (includes GST). Our smallest time block is .25 hr or $30.

*Our repair services are billed at $70/hr after the first hour.

Consultation Blocks

We encourage individuals to consider buying blocks of consultation time from MacGregor Logistics – blocks of basic consulation for services starts at

  • 3 hours for $325.00
  • 5 hours for $550.00
  • 10 hours for $1080.00
  • 20 hours for $1960.00

Investing in a consultation block from MacGregor Logistics Ltdprovides the following benefits:

  • saves money
  • ensures you get access to our 24/7/365 consultation team
  • get preferred rates on repairs ($50 for every hour)
  • preferred rates on social media, website design and marketing packages


Buy a Consultation Block here!


Methods of Payment

We ask that hourly rates and charges be paid up front for services for hourly customers.

We accept:

  • cash (if paying in other than CDN, please adjust total for current exchange rate)
  • EFT or E-Transfer (please send to tech@macgregor-logistics.com)
  • cheque (for approved clients)
  • cashiers’ cheques or IMOs
  • Cryptocurrency (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, LTC – please send equivalent in CDN funds and contact us for wallet address at tech@macgregor-logistics.com)