Community Services

MacGregor Logistics is dedicated to assisting non-profit and community organizations across the globe to gain a voice using technology.

From tutorial sessions for boards of directors and employees, to IT installation and remote consultations, to website and social media development

and ongoing maintenance, MacGregor Logistics provides meaningful, effective solutions for organizations who which to join the World Wide Web.


In addition, we are also happy to help underserved populations to gain tech efficacy and confidence, and to provide website, social media and IT services to these groups.

We provide services to help these groups pivot to new ways of self-expression, cybersecurity and economic independence.

If you are:

  • senior citizen/retiree pivot
  • indigenous
  • LGBTQ2+
  • arising following life events and challenges
  • newcomer to Canada or the UK, Argentina and Netherlands (services for newcomers only available in these countries at this time)
  • visible minority in your community
  • homeless or facing economic challenges

MacGregor Logistics has rates, payment plans and subsidized services to help you attain your goals.


Our rates for these groups are as follows:

  • non-profit/community organization (must be in good standing and able to show a proven track record of honorable bill payments, if using payment plan) $40-$55/hr
  • Underserved population (payment plans may be considered, contact us for details) $25-45/hr


For approved customers, we offer quarterly, monthly or weekly payment plans, with flexible scheduling and respectful website and IT management.