Support & Training


Using technology is an acquired skill. It improves itself over time, with constant practice and integration into lifestyle. It gets rusty or outdated if it is not used regularly. The constant pace of technology advancement requires that we all keep well-practised in its use- and more importantly, learn the right core skills to be able to tackle any new developments that might occur on our own devices, day by day.

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MacGregor Logistics’ tutors and support staff have the patience, communication skills and interpersonal rapport with our clients to make troubleshooting, learning and upgrading easy and engaging. Whether your device is not giving you the performance you require, or you need to learn to use new kit, MacGregor Logistics provides you not just with a band-aid solution, but with skills, flowcharts of use and basic information you will need to be able to adapt to situations with your devices in the future.

Contact us 24/7/365 with your questions, concerns and needs, and let MacGregor Logistics solve technology issues over the phone, internet, in person for you and provide you with everything you need to get back on the road to productivity.

We also offer tutoring and classes to help introduce, improve or adapt existing skill sets to new technology and developments. Individually or in classes, in person or remote, we train you, your family or your team in whatever areas you need. We possess a thorough understanding of the ways in which learners acquire not just information, but competence, and will tailor our programs to each learner to ensure that everyone attains their learning goals for technology.