Life Optimization Services


MacGregor Logistics takes great pride in its ability to integrate technology into human life, and to streamline the integration of human life into technology. We believe that devices and the opportunities they bring should work for people, and not force people to have to adjust their lives to suit these devices. After all, an opportunity at the wrong time, or enforced in the wrong way, is nothing more than a burden.

Life is most certainly a journey; ensure that technology powers your engine, rather than defines your track.

We offer consultation services for businesses and individuals, as well as non-profits and underserved communities, providing an easy-to-read, organized and detailed assessment of your business and the ways in which it can benefit from various technologies. Unlike other consultation companies, MacGregor Logistics does not intend to sell you a product or a service, and we suggest optimization services that are free or inexpensive first… anything that suits you, your business and your preferences for technology interaction the best.

A happy office is a well-functioning office. Let the experts at MacGregor Logistics find ways to improve the functionality and efficiency of your work life.

Individuals and families can also benefit from our Optimization Consultation service as well.. The same quality, exhaustive report will be provided with simple, inexpensive and useful additions of technology and applications that will streamline, simplify and improve the quality of your life. All within your comfort level with technology, and your budget.

It’s remarkable how many tuppence one can find, if one has a peek around…

In each case, we can save businesses and families up to hundreds of dollars a year and provide income opportunities and options to improve your quality of life, for little to no effort. The more important improvement comes from the increase in time and opportunity that our services provide.

In addition, MacGregor Logistics provides Life Optimization in material matters. Our team of efficiency experts will provide services from consultation to hands-on re-tooling of personal, family and business environments, as well as provide that extra helping-hand to ensure your life works seamlessly and smoothly. From boots on the ground assistance in the field or office to gloves on household and commuting work, MacGregor Logistics ensures you get done what needs to be finished, and that you have time to do what you want to do as well.

Contact us today, with problems of time management, organization, efficiency issues, technological distress calls such as issues with automated appliances, personal assistants, phones, tvs and more. We will be happy to provide either tutoring, remote or in person assistance and service calls, or our Optimization Advice and subsequent worker assistance programs.

At MacGregor Logistics, we don’t mind getting into the hands-on matters of life, to help yours succeed. And we might just offer a spoonful of sugar to help our lessons in technology integration be well-received by even those members of your home or office who resist the vast possibilities new tech provides.