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Blueprint and Design Diagram Creation, Editing and Development

3-D Print Services, Rentals and Tutorials

Laser Etching and Precision Cutters, Rentals and Tutorials

Prototype Development, Scale Models

Virtual Stress Testing Modelling and 3D Testing

MacGregor Logistics provides a variety of Maker services to help your idea go from the ether to the economy. From our in-house maker spaces to partnerships with local and world-wide makers and their makerspaces, nearly any item, in any material, can be made by you, with a little help from MacGregor Logistics. Whether 3-D printing services to help you to make that ideal prototype or part, or metallurgical, woodworking, heavy-duty machining or more crafty pursuits, talk to MacGregor Logistics if you need this thing, but you can’t quite find it…

We work with a variety of business affiliates as well as with our own, in-house equipment to provide you with fast, efficient and made-to-order articles as varied as:

  • promotional materials (hats, mugs, USB sticks, branded technology and cases, banners etc)
  • 3-D printed objects (prototype manufacture, replacement parts for boats, RVs, autos etc, efficiency improving devices, replacement casings and housings for existing articles, new articles)
  • metal objects for crafts, blacksmithing and tools, farm and industry specialized tools, knives and sharpening
  • heavy-industrial replacement parts for equipment, including mufflers, casings/housings, gears and sprockets (no engine or tread services at this time, other than replacement parts)
  • automation and remote-control devices such as lawnmowers, snow blowers, in room vacuums, door and window openers, blind automation, robotics services and more
  • woodworking items large and small, including but not limited to furniture and refinishing, veneers, curio cabinets and keepsake boxes, raw wood for carving etc
  • fibre arts referral services for carding, spinning, raw materials procurement, dyes etc

We believe in the power of grassroots manufacturing, and therefore provide access to a variety of tools, equipment and services that are either too difficult, too large or too expensive for the average home or small business to access… allowing you to realize your inventive, economic or crafting dreams.

In this age of international commerce and trade, it is often best to file patents in several countries, which can be a daunting task. Let MacGregor Logistics help you file the paperwork correctly in our three jurisdictional areas.

In addition to manufacturing and procurement services, MacGregor Logistics provides Maker Consultation services and complete Patent assistance for Canada, USA and UK, ensuring that your product is as efficiently made, useful and dynamic as possible- with your intellectual and manufacturing rights protected from the start.

If a proprietary method of making a hamburger is patented, shouldn’t your original idea be? Patents are often rejected or fail to protect the ideas and items they represent because of incomplete or incorrect patent diagrams and labeling. MacGregor Logistics has professional artists and daughtspeople to ensure your diagrams capture every detail of your inventive creations.

If you are part-way through the patent process and feel bogged down, then let MacGregor Logistics’ confidential and efficient patent assistants provide you with the help you need to write, file and complete your patent. Our draughtspeople can provide proper exploded diagrams that completely outline details of your product or device, ensuring that all aspects of the piece are well-documented for the patent office in your jurisdiction.

More time to invent and create for you is the result, with your patent completed in good order and short time.

Contact us today using the form below and we will respond promptly with utmost confidentiality and respect for your intellectual property rights.

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