Terms of Service

MacGregor Logistics Ltd. makes every effort to surpass your goals for our partnerships. Please see the terms and conditions below which apply to the product(s) and/or service(s) which you have purchased:


Website Hosting/Emails/Cloud Management

All content of the website(s), email(s) and cloud(s) are the property of the purchaser, and unless additional backup protection is purchased, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to maintain adequate redundancies. MacGregor Logistics Ltd. respects international intellectual property laws and therefore does not maintain proprietary backups. Should backup protection be purchased for the agreed upon term and fee, such backups will be made available to purchaser upon request within the hour, barring Force Majeure. In the event services are cancelled/not renewed, a final copy of backups will be sent to the purchaser’s email on file and all copies will be securely destroyed within 24 hours.

All services purchased are non-refundable. A 30-90 day MacGregor Logistics Ltd credit will be applied to the account of the purchaser should they choose to leave before the expiry of the term of service. Should that credit be unapplied in the time allotted, the credit expires. Credit is only to be applied to additional services such as website design/hosting/maintenance, cloud hosting/storage, email services (provided fees paid for .com addresses are paid separately).

Shop Items

Items purchased in refurbished condition have individual warranties; please consult these for terms of repair. All repair items are guaranteed for the parts and associated systems for 6 months from date of repair, barring Force Majeure. In the event of errors due to defective part(s) and/or repair, MacGregor Logistics Ltd. will fix the error and re-install the part(s).

New items have individual warranties; please consult these for terms of repair. Any article purchased from MacGregor Logistics Ltd. can be repaired with us for its usable lifetime and used as trade-in value for replacement or upgrades if these are also purchased with us. Consult us to find out the current value of the item(s) you wish to use as trade-in.

Repairs and Service Calls

Callouts will be paid for the rate included in the quote provided at the time of contract agreement. Additional hours or worker requirements will be negotiated outside of this contract, if required.

Repairs are a flat $20 CDN/hr CDN rate. At MacGregor Logistics Ltd. we believe repairs should be affordable and accessible to all.

All parts are charge the amount included in the quote. Parts quoted, if ordered and correct, are non-refundable. Should an error in purchasing occur on the part of MacGregor Logistics Ltd (as opposed to erroneous model number provided by purchaser etc), MacGregor Logistics Ltd will make order arrangements at no charge to purchaser. Any additional parts/service will be negotiated on a new quote – we will never charge you for items/service for which you have not agreed to pay.


These services are available by remote/on-location/in-person service calls. Rates are scalable and run $23-125 CDN/hr, course specific. Honoraria are appreciated; rates will be negotiated and agreed upon before services are provided. Additional materials such as printed copies or supplies will cost extra and shall be included in the quote for training/tutoring.

Patent Assistance Service

Patent Assistance Service is a flat $45 CDN rate. Completed patents can be negotiated on a per item or bulk rate basis. Each additional country of registration/patenting is an additional charge. Illustrations are charged at the hourly rate, unless indicated otherwise in the quote. Any legal fees are the responsibility of the purchaser to pay and delays which result are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Life Coaching

Rates are paid at a scalable fee of $23-175 CDN/hr. Contact us for a quote and rates for individuals/groups.