Intellectual Property Rights Policy

MacGregor Logistics Ltd. Believes in intellectual property rights. When working with us, you can be assured that your proprietary data, branding, ad and post copy and other materials specific to you, your employees and your organization will stay yours.

At MacGregor Logistics Ltd, we recognize the power of a single post, of a single photo, to make your business and create lasting prosperity for you and your endeavours. We therefore treat every aspect of your intellectual property rights with respect, and we expect our partners to respect the intellectual property of our workers, employees and contractors in return.

We follow the guidelines laid out in WTO treaties, Canadian and International Intellectual Property Agreements, which are viewable in the links below.

Our promise to you:

What you have officially contracted us to make for you, remains yours, as per the terms of our contract.

What you bring to the table, regardless of contract, remains yours after our partnership is complete.

What independent contractors – both those of MacGregor Logistics Ltd and contractors you have hired – remains theirs.

What employees of your business have made and you bring to the table belongs to the entity which claims it, according to the contracts you and your employees have signed.

In order to clarify any disputes, MacGregor Logistics Ltd. Reserves the right to access such contracts, in the event written complaints are issued by any party. We will then release the contested intellectual property to the appropriate party as laid out in said contract, on the advice of legal professionals.

We believe in the rights of the contractor to retain intellectual property rights to their work. If you have worked with a contractor while developing or maintaining your website and other online materials, we will protect the rights of those contractors to the content they have made, providing them, and you with a verified trail of permissions and scope of use for each item that is used by MacGregor Logistics Ltd.

Should you and your contractors have any issues regarding the owner of intellectual property, MacGregor Logistics Ltd will side with the independent contractor over the contract issuer, the clear owner of intellectual property in terms of brand, content and copy, and will otherwise follow the rules laid out in WTO agreements as well as in Canadian Law.

Generally speaking, MacGregor Logistics forms one of three work relationships with our clients:

1) Independent Contractor – unless intellectual property rights are outlined in the contract, content we make for you remains ours, and is at our discretion to release once the contract has completed. MacGregor Logistics Ltd is open to negotiation on these matters, please contact to place a bid.

2) Employee – intellectual property rights belong to the party who claims them in the contract. This may be, but is not guaranteed to be, the employer.

3) Non-Profit – as part of our ongoing commitment to serving our communities, MacGregor Logistics Ltd will enter into professional partnerships with non-profit organizations. These contracts mean that all intellectual property we make for these organizations belong to the organization, but are also under limited license to MacGregor Logistics Ltd. To use for promotional purposes. These promotional purposes will only be of a positive and supportive nature for the non-profit organizations with which we cooperate.

Letters of release outlining these particulars can be provided upon request; this e-document serves as an outline of our policies.

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