Achievement Unlocked

MacGregor Logistics reaches 150 website clients!

We would like to thank our clients for over 10 years of dedicated cooperation. Our customers come from every walk of life, from

  • non-profit organizations
  • small and micro-business
  • universities
  • colleges and independent schools
  • fan sites
  • publishing houses
  • video producers
  • podcasters and vloggers
  • sports commentary sites
  • scientific collaboration databases sales sites
  • online stores (our largest customer has over 8300 products!)
  • and more!

We offer corporate programs with world-class cloud hosting CDN optimization, high-level cybersecurity for financial transactions, 24/7/365 IT assistance… and basic plans for small businesses and non-profits who could use a hand into the world of internet communciations.

Our team of IT workers, security advisors, hardware and software experts, back-end architecture designers and award-winning wesbite, store, blog and content optimization creators offer hands-on, collaborative assistance.

Want to learn more and join our clientele? Click the link below:

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