Computer and Information Technology

Computers used to take up entire walls.

This is Colossus, the Allied computer in Bletchley Park, UK, that cracked German Enigma codes. Aptly named, this early computer was instrumental in the Allied Victory of WWII.

The same basic mathematics that was used by Colossus has been expanded and elegantly described in the code and hardware of these advanced SmartHome hubs, ensuring your privacy and security, as well as ease of living.

Now, they are in our walls, our fridges, our light bulbs, our hands… and MacGregor Logistics helps you to integrate, control and optimize them. We offer a full range of hardware services:

  • smart home installation
  • existing smart home installation optimization
  • security system installation/customization/optimation
  • pet-smart devices (bowls, feeders, monitors, 2-way speakers with notification, GPS, RFID readers and programming devices to customize the identification data your pet carries)
  • computer construction (laptops, towers, servers, home and office devices, entertainment systems)
  • computer service and optimization
  • OBD code reading for automobiles, trucks and fleet vehicles, including programming and optimization services (OBD II only as of Jan 2018, check back for updates!)
  • GPS for automobiles, devices, pets and people, including smart watches for child security and discreet tracking services

We also provide complete app services, including designing and coding specific apps for your family (imagine, downloading your family’s own private, smart-home and cloud app from Google Play!), business or organization. We can integrate existing app usage into specific apps, or program and optimize the ones you use to ensure you are getting the most from your hardware and software components. We offer coding services in .api (Android) as well as Swift (Apple’s proprietary language) complete with internet-ready integration with JavaScript and HTML5.

Individual device programs or APIs can run, manage and optimize each area of your business. Let MacGregor Logistics’ experts code APIs to order, streamlining each aspect of your business and home.

Also, MacGregor Logistics offers website development from the scaffold of your site to the final touches of seamless, multi-device drop-down menus. Our services include hosting, mapping, mail servers with proprietary addresses, and above all, transparent user access with easy-to-understand Graphic-User-Interface windows. This ensures that, once we’ve helped you design and code your site, you still have executive control over your business sites. We offer personal as well as business plans; the latter includes multi-platform monetization and sync with various Point-of-Sale technologies like Square, Erply, Toast and Vend.

Once your world is streamlined, your website is running, MacGregor Logistics can assure you of fast and permanent search-engine optimization algorithms that will ‘win’ you top seating in search engines beyond Google… and keep you there.

Social media promotional branding and marketing packages are also available in addition to website design and hosting. Let MacGregor Logistics’ machine learning algorithms and data science specialists help you to speak to your prospective customers and turn them into loyal ones- with only a few taps of a screen. We offer complete site promotional packages for a more directed approach to marketing, or simple social media account setup and syncing, ensuring that when you take control, you reach the widest possible audience… every tweet, every post, every blog.

Finally, what is any of this to an individual, if they are not well able to understand and use these many remarkable advances? MacGregor Logistics has a variety of specialists trained in machine tutoring and schooling. Let us take you from newbie to tech-savvy in a fun and low-key atmosphere. Courses and tutorials can be arranged in person, over the phone, or over Skype or messenger services. If little of this page meant anything to you, call us today at 250-803-3824, and we can demystify these and other technological products and services… and give you more time to enjoy life, family and living.

One-on-one or group tutorials allow you and your group to integrate technology into your work and home life in a fun and easy manner.