Devices have become a part of our lives. It is essential that they work, and if they break, that they be repaired quickly, competently and with first rate, experienced technologists.

MacGregor Logistics keeps on its team workers skilled in repair of cell phones, tablets, computer monitors, laptops, desktop towers, routers, controls units, servers and more. Our techs each have more than ten years’ experience in this field- in addition, we pride ourselves on the constant upgrading in technqique and equipment MacGregor Logistics provides to its workers.

We perform forensic recovery of data, including clean box services for hard drives and digital data recovery. Even if your device appears ruined, it may be possible to extract your most important information from it.

In addition, we perform maintenance on equipment software and hardware to ensure that your devices continue to operate effectively, when you need them.

Whatever your device, contact us today using the form below and we will respond shortly to your request for repair information:

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