EDCC AGM 2020 Information

MacGregor Logistics Ltd. has provided complete online support to facilitate participation in the 2020 Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting. Whether in person with online attendees, or purely virtual, MacGregor Logistics has come up with solutions to ensure accurate and real-time voting with record keeping, paperwork provision and recording services, to ensure that AGMs in 2020 can still include all interested parties.

Check out our link to the web page here, but look below for a clone of the site and its setup:


Here is a complete list of paperwork for members to review for our Annual General Meeting,

taking place Nov 26 at 7 pm. Event will be held either at the Enderby Legion or, public

health conditions depending, via Google Meet. 2019 Minutes and Financial Statements will be

provided for the date of the meeting.


Google Meet information:

meet.google.com/myf-jrqn-izx (go to Google Meet on your Google account page, then enter the link to attend meeting).


Please find year end information below:

Annual General Meeting Rules of Order

2019 AGM Minutes

2020 AGM Agenda

Financial Statements 2020

General Manager’s Report 2020 – includes EDCC Deliverables List 2020 

see the progress from April 2020 interim progress report!

Policy, Guidelines, Core Values – look for Financial Policy 2020 here

Agendas, Meeting Minutes 2020

Contracts, Agreements and Addenda 2020

Non-Profit vs. For-Profit Corporate Status

Three-Year Economic Development Plan

Board Member Application Form


All members in good standing are welcome to attend!


In the event that the meeting is held in person, copies will be available for attendees.  For those

who wish to print on their own for the video meeting (or to save paper!) they are easily downloaded

and viewed/printed. We encourage all to review the paperwork and our list of voting issues.


Voting Issues:

  1. Vote to accept 2019 AGM Minutes.
  2. Vote to accept Financial Statements 2020.
  3. Vote to decide whether the Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce becomes a provincially-registered, non-taxable, non-profit organization, or whether it remains a federally registered, non-taxable for-profit corporation.
  4. Ratification of work done to date for the Chamber (see EDCC Deliverables).

Other voting matters, dependent upon the above vote:

Non-Profit Decision

  1. Nominations and Voting on Board of Directors, 2020-21.
  2. Renewal of General Manager contract (General Manager will only offer services to a provincially registered non-profit organization for 2020-21)
  3. Renewal of Three-Year Plan for Year 2, 2020-21 – changes or amendments (specific extension of Ratification of work done to date).
  4. Establishment of 6-week,  member-driven Task Force for Non-Profit Transition to determine: membership fee structure, scope of work and services to the community, ways of addressing assets (ie: Visitors’ Center building and RV Park Manager Residence).

For-Profit Decision

(note: at this point, it is up to the Chamber members to decide how to proceed, however, this is a general guideline of suggested voting topics):

  1. Nominations and Voting for Board of Directors, 2020-21.
  2. Decision on monetization methods to ensure Chamber financial viability: return to RV Park management, Visitors Center contract bids, paid parking lot provision, Riverwalk/Rail Trail garbage removal contracts, events contract bidding and management 2020-21, etc.
  3. Establishment of a 6-week, member-driven Task Force to address: need/type of management and employee structure, membership fee structure, scope of work and services to community, negotiation committee for City-related contracts and assets (ie: RV Park and RV Park Manager Residence, Visitors’ Center etc)



Thank you for taking the time to be involved with the Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce, and for participating in your community!


Should you have any questions, concerns or requests, please let us know at info@enderbychamber.com